Michael Kitching

Michael is Head of Business Development for EDSK.

Michael has over 10 years experience in fundraising and development at a mixture of political and charitable causes. He began his career as a constituency organiser for a political party, having gained a BSc (econ) in International Politics and Military History from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth in 2008.

After three years running election campaigns, Michael moved in to fundraising working for a wide variety of causes including International Development, Armed Forces, Conservation and a Royal Medical College. Michael also ran his own political campaigns and fundraising business for much of this time, which he exited after the 2017 General Election. Michael has built a career based on developing strong partnerships between organisations, for mutual benefit, rather than looking for quick short term wins.

He believes that a strong and fair education system is the only way we can create opportunities for social mobility in the UK.